Wanting the best performing lawn turf for our harsh conditions then look no further than Sir Walter.

Sir Walter has been around for many years with a superior reputation for quality, Lawn Ranger is an accredited installer of Sir Walter so you know turf will be installed perfect and stay that way.

We have tested many types of turf over the years but we keep coming back to Sir Walter

  • Australia's number one for buffalo lawn
  • Drought tolerant and tough for Top End conditions
  • Requires little watering and fertilising
  • Grows well in full sun and can handle shade
  • Self Repairing
  • Soft to tough
  • Low Allergy

All Lawn Installations come with a certificate of authenticity so you can be sure you are getting a quality product.

Our process includes:-

  • Free Quotation:- Meeting onsite to discuss requirements, goals, budget & measuring areas to be turfed. We use special formulas and techniques depending on the shape of the are to be turfed.
  • Weed Removal:-Removing all weeds from the site, this will be done by hand and use of glyphosate weed killer.
  • Soil preparation :- We perform a pH test to so we know what your soil is lacking and correct this. Depending on your site we may need to add  sand mix, river sand  and well as sorting out if we need to riase or lower your pH.
  • Soil leveling:- This is a very important and crucial step and must be done correctly and at the right height, lawns should sit a little higher than paths & driveways and be very smooth.
  • Fertilising:- Adding a pre planting organic fertiliser to give your lawn the best possible start in its new home
  • Turf Install:- Our expert team will lay your turf quickly to ensure it wont dry out. This process is done with precision ensuring all pieces are locked in together with specialty cuts  so 100% of the area is turfed.
  • Watering:- After we lay our turf we ensure the turf has a very good soaking, this also helps trigger off the fertiliser we laid previously.
  • Roll:- Depending on the site we may need to roll the lawn after installed, this squeezes out any air pockets and settles the turf.

On all our turf installations we include the first mow FREE & well as our lawn care brochures to help guide you through the establishment period.

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