Lets us take the hard work out of your garden maintenance requirements with our prestige team of gardeners.

FREE quotes just simply call or email us, we will come to the property and conduct a detailed quote along with photos, this will then be emailed or mailed to you out lining a detailed description of what needs attention, price breakdown and options available.

Lawn Ranger performs one off garden tidy ups, on going maintenance for domestic homes, commercial premises, body corporates and rural properties. 

We pride our business on obtaining a high level of garden maintenance which includes

  • Lawn Mowing

Lawns are the main feature and foundation to your garden, Lawn Ranger cuts lawn to the perfect height enabling your lawn to look neat, healthy and flourish.

  • Edging of Lawns

Lets face it poisoned lawn edges look terrible, edging your lawn can transform an ordinary lawn to a magnificent one. We edge your lawn perfect every time simply advise us if you want straight or curved cut. If your lawn has over grown the edges beyond whipper snipping no problems we have professional machines to cut a perfect deep cut.

  • Blowing down of all paths & driveway areas

After mowing and edging your lawn we blow down the areas from any excess clippings and debris leaving your paths and driveways looking spotless.

  • Fertilisation

The Top End is a harsh environment on our gardens, soils quickly loose their nutrients and impact on the plants, trees and lawns. As part of our maintenance routine we assess the correct fertiliser your soil needs to bring your garden back to life.

  • Hedging

Hedging is an art in its own right, we use a combination of power hedgers and hand hedgers to get the perfect edge.  We will discuss with you the desired look your wanting to achieve and maintain this for you.

  • Pruning

Feature shrubs can make all the difference to a garden but must be cared for and maintained to look in peak condition. Our gardeners are experience in pruning techniques to ensure your shrubs are in top health and looking their best.

  • Mulching

If there is one area we are very passionate about that's mulching! Especially in tropical climate areas gardens cop a battering with the changing seasons putting extreme impact on plants & trees. We have options on mulching from organic forest mulch, palm mulch, wood chip mulch, mulching hay, pebble mulch and much more. Mulching not only looks great but also saves money on water costs.

  • Garden Waste Removal

We pick up all lying palm fronds, cut out yellowing fronds and take away from the property as well as any other garden waste on site so when we leave your property is in perfect condition.




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