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Lorrie Jackson

In love with my new garden guys  I cant believe its the same place, so glad we went ahead with the white rock with the bamboo its actually my favourite spot to sit and relax. Cant wait to get you back for the front yard.


 Donna & Mike Prosser

Kylie & Kevin thank you so much for the trouble you guys went to getting all the plants on my list, out of everyone i emailed you were the only ones that said you could get them all. The plants that come from interstate  are doing just fine, well worth the effort much appreciated. 


Sally Johnson

Just wanted to say the veggie garden you built Kevin is amazing, glad we went with the drip irrigation you suggested will get you back next dry to irrigate the next stage- very happy


John Coats

-Anything to do with irrigation in Darwin use Kevin, the only one that could locate all my solenoids and finally fix my system- cheers mate, John. 


Elaine Fletcher

Been using Kev for over 5 years now to maintain my gardens, arrive home from a sad farewell to my sister in Sydney to a gorgeous bunch of flowers. Kev you do an outstanding job and go above your duty, you truly made me smile today. 


Mark Anderson

Lawn is perfect, god knows how you got all those rolls to fit just like a puzzle ha! Thanks for the gift pack, the Yates anniversary tin sits on my desk- classic! Mark and Karen.



Used Lawn Ranger for my landscaping at Muirhead, best garden on the street mate.


Lea & Ben Stark

Well worth the wait Kev, super happy with the kids area its so bright and inviting now. Clare and Tim are having a ball, everyone keeps asking who made the hungry caterpillar you might be getting a few calls- Lea



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