Wether you are landscaping, mulching or revamping an existing garden you cant go past the use of pebbles, stones and rock for the garden to add great visual impact. We love to incorporate them in most our projects as they have such a vast variety of uses.

The main use is typically the physical aspect of rock, they can transform your garden or area dramatically and seem to just give gardens that last little attention to detail particle for a real finished look.

Drainage is another major reason we use rock especially in Darwin with the wet season, rock is excellent for run off areas and the variety these days is endless.

Large feature rock would have to personally be one of my favourite investment pieces when it comes to landscaping, I've watched many enter gardens that housed large feature rock and instantly they are drawn to it, you will be surprised how much visual impact these statement pieces can have.

A growing trend we have seen over the last couple of years is the incorporating of rock & stone being used as an lighting element, the reflection can vary depending on which type and colour rock you get so best to speak to an expert when deciding on rock for this use.

In every tropical garden I've been to there is always some sort of a water feature which never really looks quite complete until finished with gorgeous pebbles, my favourite is the river stone pebbles for this use mixing the larger ones with the medium size.

Below are types of rock & pebbles we tend to work with to discuss sizing its best to call, short listed samples can also be given.    


               LR001                                                           LR002                                             LR003


             LR004                                                            LR005                                              LR006


           LR007                                                             LR008                                              LR009


         LR010                                                           LR011                                                LR012


        LR013                                                          LR014                                                LR015


       LR016                                                          LR017                                                  LR018


    LR019                                                            LR020                                                 LR021


    LR022                                                             LR023                                                     LR024


     LR025                                                               LR026                                                      LR027


    LR028                                                            LR029                                                            LR030


    LR031                                                            LR032


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