Mulching In The Top End


Having a healthy booming garden in the Top End can be a challenge, many of the plants and trees we love to grow up here have extreme conditions to adapt to. One thing we cant stress enough up here is mulch mulch mulch! Mulching your garden beds will be the biggest favour one can possibly do up here in the Top End.

Mulch comes in many forms such as

  • Grass Clippings
  • Bark & Wood Chip
  • Stones & Rock
  • Compost
  • Hay (Pea Straw, Lucerne Hay) 

Evaporation of water up here in the dry season iis probably one of my biggest concerns, mulching can reduce evaporation up to 70%. The mulch acts like a insulating blanket trapping air, when watering it cools the soil and keeps it moist for much longer than soils with no mulch. 

Our second best thing about mulching is its amazing ability to supress weeds which means less maintenance and less use of chemicals in the ground. Having said this if your thinking of a hay based mulch be sure you know where your hay is from as it may be full of weeds.  We prefer to use Lucerne when using hay based mulch as its usually readably available, easy to use - just break it off in biscuits and is relatively cheap. If your choosing mulch to double as feed for your plants its also a good idea to stick to Lucerne, pea straw, organic double blend mulch or stick to your compost.

We use allot of the woody type mulch in our projects as usually our clients are looking mulch that not only helps with water retention, weed control, nutrients but also something that's quite aesthetically pleasing. When showing our clients samples of mulch 99% of the time they go for the freshest looking mulch however we much prefer the older mulch as new mulch contains contain toxins and can actually draw nutrients out of the soil away from your plants and trees. The longer the mulch has sat there its been able to break down and most if not all toxins removed so its ready to start working away at your soil condition.

When spreading mulch its important not to over mulch as this will end up suffocating your plants and cause a variety of problems such as tannins, so just mulch to the amount you need then top it up as required.

Lawn Ranger can supply the following mulches:

-Mulch amount is calculated by us, delivered to your property and spread at the right application amount, please call or email for prices. 


     Double Blend Organic                                                                                        Forest                                                                                               


Mahogany                                                                                                                Gum




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