Manager- Mr Kevin Stephens

PO box 36575 Winnellie Northern Territory 0821 Australia

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Fax: 0889832944

Mobile: 0418892496

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Other information:



A well known face around Darwin, Kevin the director/ manager of Lawn Ranger has built Lawn Ranger around our core values with our slogan "saving water today for a better tomorrow"which he lives by everyday.

Within a year of taking on the business Kevin was selected for the Young Achiever Environmental award and made it into the top 3. Since then he has non stopped studying and learning with a swag of certificates behind his name.

Kevin is a specialist in irrigation conducting installs, design & maintenance on all types of systems and is a regular face at the NT Tropical Garden Spectacular educating the public on all things irrigation related.

Kevin has been a part of major irrigation works in and around Darwin with a very high reputation, his commitment to the industry is evident in the amount of events and organisations he is part of. 

Landscaping is one of Kevins many talents, the work that goes into one of his designs is a true work of art. Using Lawn Ranger for your landscaping needs you will get Kevin our director every step of the way. This means your dealing with the business owner/director right though to the initial meeting, designing process, plant selection, construction, irrigation and the final hand over.

With a thirst for knowledge in Kevins spare time he is always looking at ways to improve with industry related study as well as international visits to gardens for inspiration. His last trip was to Bangkok where he met with other businesses in the industry and took in a variety of new techniques and ideas. 

-Certified irrigation technician

-Certified irrigation installer

-Certified Sir Walter Installer

-Certification in Resource Operations level II

-Certificate II in Government

-Numerous Permaculture courses

-Diploma in Horticulture -Currently studying towards

-Numerous Pest & Weed Courses